Tidying Festival


Full KonMari decluttering service. You will be guided through the full KonMari tidying journey, from visualisation of your ideal lifestyle to follow-up visit after your final tidying lesson. Full email or phone support is available between lessons. Sessions will be spaced at a frequency to suit the client.


Wardrobe Detox


Perfect if you need a little support to start you off. A great way to discuss any areas of uncertainty.


  • Introduction to the KonMari Method
  • Streamlining of wardrobe space to reduce contents and organise remaining items in a way that sparks joy.


One-off Tidying Lesson


Perhaps you’ve started your KonMari process but are stuck on a particular category. Comprises pre-lesson phone call / email  and one 3-6 hour tidying lesson, setting of homework task, and follow up visit to discuss next steps.


Digital Declutter


A one-off lesson to start you off on your quest to have a clutter-free online presence.  Full review of online and offline storage. Streamlining to reduce unnecessary content and organisation of remaining files to free up memory space and time.


Introduction to KonMari

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A 2 hour lesson in your own home, office or booked venue to familiarise you with the principles of KonMari. Ideal if you want to complete the Tidying Festival without help, but want a chance to have any questions / uncertainties answered by a professional.

**This is not a practical Tidying Lesson, but a chance to learn the basics of the KonMari method in your own home.


Folding Party

25 per person

A great way to share the KonMari magic with friends or family. This lesson focuses only on folding methods for various clothing and textile items.


Virtual Tidying Lesson


Online introduction to the KonMari method. Your tidying consultant starts you off on the category of your choice (clothes / books / papers / komono / sentimental items). You then work alone to complete this and a 30 minute follow-up online session addresses any areas of uncertainty.


Using virtual tidying lessons is not the optimum way to complete the KonMari Method, and this is not recommended by KonMari inc. 


Workshop Events

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Tailored to your needs. Ideal for professional development and social groups. 

As a former classroom teacher I am positive about working with children and teenagers to declutter, organise and refresh their spaces. 

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