What sort of person hires a Tidying Consultant?

There really isn’t a typical client.

The only thing my clients have had in common is that they’ve been ready to begin their tidying journey, and to regain the space in their home.

Retired people wishing to downsize, busy working parents, executives who travel a lot, and even children who are struggling to understand what it means to truly love their possessions are all people who have used services in the past.


My home is so messy and cluttered. I’m embarrassed to let you see it.

Please, don’t worry. By deciding to start the process you’ve already started your journey. I’ve worked with a number of clients, all of whom had vastly different homes and amounts of possessions at the beginning of their journey. I haven’t been shocked by any home I’ve seen to date.

The only requirement is that your home is reasonably clean, i.e. not unhygienic to work in.


Can you clean my house?

No – I’m not a cleaner. Past clients do report that their home is much easier to keep clean after they’ve decluttered, however.


Can’t I just do it myself? Why would I need someone to tell me how to throw things away?

Of course you can declutter and organise by yourself, and thousands of people do every year (reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a great place to start).

I’m here to help those who feel they need a little external encouragement and motivation.

Common reasons for using a Tidying Consultant are:

  • You feel the situation at home has gone too far to be resolved by you alone.
  • You need an unbiased person to keep you from becoming distracted or from procrastinating.
  • Mobility issues mean that you need a little extra help to actually carry out the process.
  • To have the highest possible certainty of success and the lowest chance of ‘rebounding’ into clutter (all of my clients remain happy that the methods used still work for them now).
  • To learn the full KonMari method from an experienced consultant who has trained with input from Marie Kondo and her most experienced consultant.


Isn’t it extravagant to pay somebody to help me throw things away?

When done in full and correctly, you only need to complete the Tidying Festival once. Your home afterwards will feel much less cluttered and more spacious and calm. This has a clear correlation to good mental health, optimal use of time, and increased productivity.

With this in mind, paying a Tidying Consultant reaps benefits far beyond sorting out one’s wardrobe, for example. It is a time and cost efficient way to make far-reaching changes to one’s environment.


How much does it cost?

Please contact me for rates. I currently offer an attractive reduced hourly rate to reflect the fact that I am in the later stages of certification by KonMari inc.


How long does it take to do a full declutter?

Each session takes 3-6 hours and covers one category. There are five categories to be completed, so five half-days. Most clients choose to complete the process over periods ranging from a few weeks to a year. This gives them time between each session to live with the results, adjust to the changes and prepare mentally for the next category.

The client’s home is always ‘ready to use’ at the end of a consultation and for an additional fee, the removal of discarded items can be arranged.


What happens during a consultation?

I conduct a short interview with you about your lifestyle and home. We walk around the full home and you tell me about how each space is used and how you feel about it.

We then move on to the decluttering stage. Working together we gather all items from the category being decluttered. They are placed in a pile in a specified area. You are then shown how to ‘joy check’ each item. This part of the process is your responsibility – nobody can do this for you. I place discarded items into bags and sort the ‘to keep’ items into sub-categories.

We then work together to organise the remaining items in the space available – usually a lovely part of the process as clients are always delighted to have such a streamlined and spacious feeling environment!


Do I have to get rid of a certain amount?

The onus for choosing what to keep and discard is totally on you as the client. The KonMari process is not about being a minimalist or only having a certain number of each item. If ten white shirts spark joy for you, that’s great. You should definitely keep them.


How do I book?

Drop me an e-mail at [email protected]. You could also use the Let’s talk page to send an enquiry, or call me on +35699630275.