Phone Consultation

This is a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation. I'll call you and we'll talk about how I can transform you from chaos to calm.

Folding Party

€25 per person (minimum 2 people). A great way to share the KonMari magic with friends or family. This lesson focuses only on folding methods for various clothing and textile items.

Virtual Tiying Lesson

€70 / €80 without / with delivery of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. This is an introduction to the KonMari method given via a series of 3 Skype calls and a personalised follow-up plan to take away and use in the following weeks. ***NOTE*** Using virtual tidying lessons is not the optimum way to complete the KonMari Method, and this is not recommended by KonMari inc.

Tidying Lesson

€100. Perfect if you’re ready to get started, or have already begun your KonMari journey and are stuck on a particular category.  Comprises pre-lesson consultation by phonecall or e-mail, one 3-6 hour tidying lesson, setting of homework task, and follow up call to discuss next steps.

Digital Declutter

€150 A one-off, in-person lesson to put you firmly on the path to a clutter-free digital presence.  Includes full review of both online and offline file organisation, and streamlining of files to reduce unnecessary content. We then optimally organise remaining files to increase your productivity. *** The digital declutter focuses on personal files and photos - it is not a technical exercise and Zen With Julia strongly advises taking instruction from a technical professional if you wish to improve the speed or performance of your devices***

Full Tidying Marathon

€850 Full KonMari decluttering service of 10 sessions, complete with a copy of Marie Kondo's bestselling book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up'. You will be guided through the full KonMari tidying journey, from visualisation of your ideal lifestyle to follow-up visit after your final tidying lesson. Full email support is available between lessons. Sessions will be spaced at a frequency to suit the client. ***The sessions must be completed within 9 calendar months of purchasing this package***

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Ideal for Corporate CPD sessions and social events. Sessions are interactive and can be tailored to fit a specific audience or objective.